Flindt Kristensen aim to build long lasting corporation with our employees and aim to be a preferable workplace with good and safe working environment.

To ensure the satisfaction from employees, a satisfaction survey is conducted every year. Based on the results, we continuously improve our physical and psychological work environment.

When visiting customers’ sites, employees from Flindt Kristensen are carefully instructed and educated. To identify any potential hazard, we carry out a risk assessments to ensure the safety and health of our employees.


Flindt Kristensen continuously strives to reduce any negative influence on environment.

In our design process, we take environmentally friendly solution into consideration and aim to develop long lasting solution for our customers.

We minimize waste from our office and have procedures for lowering our consumption of energy. Our environment policy is communicated to all employees, authorities, and clients.


Flindt Kristensen turn ideas into solutions and add value for customers through design and innovation. To provide products or solution of high quality and proficiency, and to ensure exceeding every need and expectation, customer involvement plays a major role in every stage of product development.

By using our many years of experience and our technical knowhow, we ensure the best solutions. In our team of engineering, we share acknowledgment and lesson learned. We continuously strive to improve processes, competences, and results by registration of nonconformities and implementing corrective action.

Our set of values is to be a trustworthy business partner who delivers innovative products or design solution of high quality, and to assure that the customers’ problems becomes our solution.

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